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Yogic Praxis

Depiction of energieflow and breathingtechnics for yogic practise


Bookillustration for an indian philosophical publication made in medieval miniature style


Storytelling in reduced in black and white


Schriftgestaltung und Verpackungsdesign für Lebensmittel

Editorial Illustration

Lightly lined illustration which depict an issue on the spot

Visualisation and Graphic Recording

Following a topic as a Graphic Recorder in REALTIME and memorize the  most import facts as illustrations

Fine Lines

Humorous illustration of a holy cow.


Handwriting in analog and digital forms for any purpose

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Claudia Uckel

Claudia Uckel

Trained in Designschools in Britain and Germany Claudia is still on her own path and explores the possibillities of visual styles freely. Her ductus is airy, warm, delightfull, feminin and elegant. She uses techniques of the analog world as well as the digital all depending on the matter of content. If you like  her way of approaching things and would like to see the work in more detail? Feel free to contact her and lets find out if you click on the creative level!